PhD students

  • Wenwei Wu, starting date: October  2017. Project Reactive scalar fields in turbulent flows, marine applications. In collaboration with Dr. F. Schmitt  (LOG, Wimereux) & Prof. L.Wang (Shanghai JiaoTong Univeristy, China).
  • Himani Garg, starting date: September 2015. Project Particles in Elastic turbulence in collaboration with S.Berti and Prof. Gilmar Mompean (LML, Lille).



  • Babak Rabbanipour, starting date: March 2015. Project MELT PONDS in collaboration with S.Hirata, S.Berti and Prof. Najib Ouarzazi (LML, Lille)  and M.Vancopenolle (LOCEAN, Paris).
    Defended on march 23th 2018
    Now Employee at Goodyear Innovation Center Luxembourg


  • Hamidreza Ardeshiri, starting date: October 2013. Project COPEPODS in collaboration with Dr. F. Schmitt & Prof. S. Souissi (LOG, Wimereux) and F.Toschi (TU/e  The Netherlands).
    Defended on october 12th 2016.
    Now Post-doc at NILU (Norwegian Institute for Air Research)



    • Kalyan Shrestha , starting date: November 2012. Project LATTICE BOLTZMANN in collaboration with Prof. G. Mompean (LML, Lille)
      Defended on november 30th 2015.
      Now Post-doc at University of Texas, Dallas USA in W. Anderson group.


Master Students (M1, M2)

  • El-Mehdi Gouda  & Mouhcine Tahri, stage Master 1, may - july 2017 (6 weeks) [mémoire de stage].
  • Yue Sun  & Yu Zhan, stage Master 1,  april-mai 2015 (2 months).
  • Tsirisitraka Ricky Raza & Vanduc Nguyen, stage Master 1, may september 2016 (6 weeks +).
  • Kaci Alloua, stage Master 2,  april-september 2014 (6 months).

Bachelor Students (L1, L2, L3)

  • Drucké Thomas, Opdebeeck Elian & Phan Charlène, "Modélisation par automates cellulaires de problèmes mécaniques et physiques" , internship Licence 3, Jan-march 2018  (12 weeks).
  • Richard Israel Lagree  & Basile Cuypers, "L’effet de basculement sur la convection thermique turbulente dans une cellule de convection rectangulaire" , internship Licence 3, march-may 2017  (12 weeks). [rapport de projet].
  • Boujdaria Omar, Buchet Daphnée &  Zhongjie Zha, internship Licence 3, march-may 2016  (12 weeks).
  • Shashank Gupta &  Arpit Gupta, summer internship 2013 (3 months).
  • Prinsul Niranjan, summer internship 2012 (3 months).
  • Adnan Akhtar, summer internship 2011 (3 months) [report].
  • Engineering School Students (1st, 2nd & 3rd year of engineering school)
  • Kevin Nicolas & Lucas Decelle  ("Projet de fin d'etudes", 3rd year engineering school, 1 month) [report]
  • Florent Delmotte ("Projet de fin d'etudes", 3rd year engineering school, 1 month)