PhD students

  • Wenwei Wu, starting date: October  2017. Project Reactive scalar fields in turbulent flows, marine applications. In collaboration with Dr. F. Schmitt  (LOG, Wimereux) & Prof. L.Wang (Shanghai JiaoTong Univeristy, China).
  • Himani Garg, starting date: September 2015. Project Particles in Elastic turbulence in collaboration with S.Berti and Prof. Gilmar Mompean (LML, Lille).



  • Babak Rabbanipour, starting date: March 2015. Project MELT PONDS in collaboration with S.Hirata, S.Berti and Prof. Najib Ouarzazi (LML, Lille)  and M.Vancopenolle (LOCEAN, Paris).Untitled-1


  • Hamidreza Ardeshiri, starting date: October 2013. Project COPEPODS in collaboration with Dr. F. Schmitt & Prof. S. Souissi (LOG, Wimereux) and F.Toschi (TU/e  The Netherlands).
    Defended on october 12th 2016.
    Now Post-doc at NILU (Norwegian Institute for Air Research)



    • Kalyan Shrestha , starting date: November 2012. Project LATTICE BOLTZMANN in collaboration with Prof. G. Mompean (LML, Lille)
      Defended on november 30th 2015.
      Now Post-doc at University of Texas, Dallas USA in W. Anderson group.


Master Students (M1, M2)

  • El-Mehdi Gouda  & Mouhcine Tahri, stage Master 1, may - july 2017 (6 weeks) [mémoire de stage].
  • Yue Sun  & Yu Zhan, stage Master 1,  april-mai 2015 (2 months).
  • Tsirisitraka Ricky Raza & Vanduc Nguyen, stage Master 1, may september 2016 (6 weeks +).
  • Kaci Alloua, stage Master 2,  april-september 2014 (6 months).

Bachelor Students (L1, L2, L3)

  • Drucké Thomas, Opdebeeck Elian & Phan Charlène, "Modélisation par automates cellulaires de problèmes mécaniques et physiques" , internship Licence 3, Jan-march 2018  (12 weeks).
  • Richard Israel Lagree  & Basile Cuypers, "L’effet de basculement sur la convection thermique turbulente dans une cellule de convection rectangulaire" , internship Licence 3, march-may 2017  (12 weeks). [rapport de projet].
  • Boujdaria Omar, Buchet Daphnée &  Zhongjie Zha, internship Licence 3, march-may 2016  (12 weeks).
  • Shashank Gupta &  Arpit Gupta, summer internship 2013 (3 months).
  • Prinsul Niranjan, summer internship 2012 (3 months).
  • Adnan Akhtar, summer internship 2011 (3 months) [report].
  • Engineering School Students (1st, 2nd & 3rd year of engineering school)
  • Kevin Nicolas & Lucas Decelle  ("Projet de fin d'etudes", 3rd year engineering school, 1 month) [report]
  • Florent Delmotte ("Projet de fin d'etudes", 3rd year engineering school, 1 month)