Good old times

10th European Turbulence Conference, June-July 2004 Trondheim (Norway)

First row: Andrea Mazzino, Antonio Celani, Renzo Piva, Akiva Yaglom, Boris Jacob, Carlo Massimo Casciola, Luca Biferale, Stefano Musacchio
Second row: Elisabetta De Angelis, Io, Massimo Cencini, Federico Toschi, Guido Boffetta

Fête de la science 2016

Taylor-Couette demixing experience
Taylor-Couette demixing experience

This year Stefano and I tried to explain the way in which micro-organisms can swim. When the environment looks very viscous one needs to break time reversibility...what a challenge to vulgarize this! But we as usual had lot of fun too 🙂 Our poster is here [pdf].

And a little video by Stefano:

Our Glycerine Mixing-Demixing experience [Thanks to Florent Delmotte for the nice setup].