Just for fun

The ephemeral beauty of turbulent flows: This figure shows the temperature dissipation rate, in false colors (light tones intense dark are small), from a snapshot of a bidimensional Rayleigh-Benard convective system at Ra=10^9 and Pr=1. The spatial resolution is 2048 x 4096 discretization points.

Internship & Postdoc openings

  • Internship for Master students, duration 4 to 5 months, to be filled in 2018, location University of Lille (F), topic : Modelling nutrients uptake of non-motile phytoplankton in turbulence, more details here:  [internship project]
  • Postdoctoral position, duration 2 years, to be filled spring 2018, working location Berlin (D), topic: Modelling particle settling and entrainement in turbulent magma oceans, project description and application rules:  [postdoc project]