This month JPR cover :-)

Cover image: “Visualisation of copepods in turbulent flow from an individual behaviour model of jump-escape-reaction from turbulence. The background colour map pictures the instantaneous value of the fluid deformation (higher values in light colours) in a fully-resolved numerically simulated turbulent flow. White contour lines mark boundaries between so called comfort (low strain) and alert (high strain) regions. Copepods are represented as ellipsoidal bodies. Arrows indicate the direction of their instantaneous velocity, due either to fluid transport or to their intermittent jump swimming motion”. Ardeshiri et al. J. Plankton Res., 39, 878–890 (2017).

Good old times

10th European Turbulence Conference, June-July 2004 Trondheim (Norway)

First row: Andrea Mazzino, Antonio Celani, Renzo Piva, Akiva Yaglom, Boris Jacob, Carlo Massimo Casciola, Luca Biferale, Stefano Musacchio
Second row: Elisabetta De Angelis, Io, Massimo Cencini, Federico Toschi, Guido Boffetta

Fête de la science 2016

Taylor-Couette demixing experience
Taylor-Couette demixing experience

This year Stefano and I tried to explain the way in which micro-organisms can swim. When the environment looks very viscous one needs to break time reversibility…what a challenge to vulgarize this! But we as usual had lot of fun too 🙂 Our poster is here [pdf].

And a little video by Stefano:

Our Glycerine Mixing-Demixing experience [Thanks to Florent Delmotte for the nice setup].